I.B.E.W. Local No. 269

Trenton, New Jersey

I.B.E.W. Local 269 has been “Proudly Powering The Capitol City Community for 100 Years.” Chartered by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers on September 12, 1912, Local 269 celebrated its 100th anniversary with an event on December 1, 2012, which included a full history program book created by Union Histories that was distributed to all attendees.

Local 269 sold advertisements for the book that were also offered as part of sponsorships for the event to cover costs for production!

Click on the Cover to the left to see the full Local 269 History Book!

"Our 100th Year anniversary was such a huge success and I want to thank Union Histories for the outstanding job they provided our organization. The history program book was so professional and the history you were able to provide is something we will keep forever. Again, thank you for making our 100th year such a fantastic event."

Stephen Aldrich, Business Manager, IBEW Local 269