U.A. Plumbers Local No. 33

Des Moines, Iowa

Chartered on November 1, 1891, U.A. Plumbers Local 33 celebrated 125 years of serving Des Moines, Iowa, and its plumbing and piping industry with a special event in November 2016.

Union Histories created a History Program Book — complete with the full 125-year history of the local — for the event at NO COST to the local, and Union Histories also collected funding to pay for the printing costs of all the books that were distributed to the local’s many members, retirees and friends!

Click on the Cover to the left to see the full Local 33 History Book!

"They say ‘you get what you pay for.’ Well, that is NOT the case with Union Histories. At NO COST to our local, Union Histories helped make our 125th Anniversary Celebration a great success! The entire process was easy and the outcome was nothing short of excellent. I would recommend Union Histories to any local union that wants to celebrate a special event with a high-quality historical publication and professional assistance all along the way."

Andy Roberts, Business Manager, Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 33