IUPAT Painters Local No. 781

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Chartered by the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades on April 1, 1912, IUPAT  Local 781 of Milwaukee celebrated its 100th anniversary with an event on October 27, 2012, that included a fully researched history program book created by Union Histories that was proudly distributed to all attendees.

Union Histories sold advertisements for the Local 781 book to cover its costs for production — so Local 781 received a no-cost book for its event!

Click on the Cover to the left to see the full Local 781 History Book!

"On behalf of IUPAT Local 781, I want to thank Union Histories for all they did to help celebrate our 100th anniversary. The history program book Union Histories produced for us was absolutely amazing and was a big hit with our membership. Union Histories did an outstanding job and we really appreciate all the work they put into the book!"

Marcus Shepard, President, IUPAT 781