Ironworkers Local No. 361

Brooklyn, New York

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Ironworkers Local 361 has been expanding the skylines of Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island since the local was chartered on August 6, 1920 -- and after a two-year wait due to COVID, the local celebrated its 100th Anniversary with a Gala Event on October 22, 2022, at Leonard’s Palazzo in Great Neck, New York, and the production of a 100-Year History Book produced by UNION HISTORIES!

Interviewing dozens of retirees during the local's Retirees Club luncheon and going through the local's many records, UNION HISTORIES produced the full History Book of Local 361’s 100-years for the event AT NO COST to the local, as well as a video slideshow, invitations, a logo and signage, as UNION HISTORIES generated funds for the local through sponsorship sales.