Ironworkers Local 46L

New York City, New York

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Check out the HISTORY VIDEO that UNION HISTORIES and UNION MEDIA also produced for Lathers and Rodmen Local 46L: IRONWORKERS LOCAL 46L 125-YEAR HISTORY VIDEO

Metallic Lathers and Reinforcing Ironworkers Local 46L has been erecting New York City ever since it was first established as the Metal Wire Lathers' Union in 1897 ... and Local 46L celebrated that 125-year heritage with a special Family Picnic on July 15, 2023, and the production by UNION HISTORIES of the Local 46L 125-Year History Book and History Video, which were presented to the local's members during the event at Kruckers Picnic Grove.

UNION HISTORIES produced the History Book at NO COST to Local 46L, as we sold advertising and sponsorships for the book and event to fund its production, while also generating additional funds for the local.