Ironworkers Local No. 172

Columbus, Ohio

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Iron Workers Local 172 has been helping to build Columbus, Ohio, for 100 years — usually from high up in the sky — and celebrated that anniversary with a special event in August 2015!

UNION HISTORIES produced a special History Program Book for the local’s event, complete with its full 100-year history and some breathtaking photos of the local’s Sky Cowboys doing their job from steel beams high above the city, at NO COST to the local — and Union Histories also collected sponsorships and advertising sales on behalf of the local to help fund the event and printing!

"It was the best move for Iron Workers Local 172 to have Calvin, Andy and the Union Histories team work on our 100-Year Anniversary Event. They provided a great history book and many other services, as well, AT NO COST to us! Everything was on time and I would recommend Union Histories for any local planning an historic event. THANK YOU for all your hard work!"

John Burns II, Business Manager, Ironworkers Local 172