Insulators Local No. 38

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

The Heat and Frost Insulators Local 38 has been serving the Wilkes-Barre area since January 27, 1914 — and marked those historic 100 years since with a celebration event on May 8, 2015.

Union Histories produced a history program book for the local’s event, complete with its full 100-year history, at NO COST to the local — and Union Histories also collected sponsorships and a portion of ad sales for the local to help fund the event and printing!

Click on the Cover to the left to see the full Local 38 History Book!

"Union Histories was an invaluable part of our entire anniversary celebration -- not to mention they produced an incredible History Book that will be cherished by our membership for years to come. Their research was on point and the book looked absolutely wonderful. It is hard to believe that Union Histories did all that they did for us at NO COST -- and even collected additional funding for the local, too. THANK YOU UNION HISTORIES!"

Carl Wright, Business Manager, Insulators Local 38