I.B.E.W. Local No. 972
100th Anniversary Celebration Event

Marietta, Ohio


I.B.E.W. Local No. 972

I.B.E.W. Local No. 972 has been powering Marietta and Athens, Meigs, Morgan, Noble, Washington, Monroe and Vinton counties in Southeastern Ohio for the past 100 years and celebrated its landmark 100th Anniversary with a RIVER CRUISE reception on June 21, 2019, and a DINNER DANCE on June 22, 2019.

Union Histories, through its UNION EVENTS department, provided FULL EVENT-MANAGEMENT SERVICES for the celebration, handling every aspect of the event, from start to finish, including venue, catering and entertainment arrangements — all at NO COST to the local!

Union Histories also produced a full History Book of Local 972’s 100-year history for the event, as well as a video slideshow, invitations, a logo and signage, and generated funds for the local through sponsorship sales.

Click on the Cover to the left to see the full Local 972 History Book.

See The History Book